Curious Epicurean

Here we go!

Posted on: November 9, 2010

As a PR professional, I’m embarrassingly late to the party when it comes to getting my personal blog up and running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way new to the social media game.  With my trusty iPhone never far from my side, I’m always connected. Along with checking my e-mails before I even leave for work, I peruse through headlines and friends’ updates on Facebook and Twitter.

What started as a way to connect with my high school and college friends and share pictures from weekend festivities, has manifested into a necessary skill set for my profession. My first PR job after college was with a boutique agency specializing in gourmet food and high-end restaurants. The bulk of my duties included maintaining a visible social media presence for multiple clients.

My self-proclaimed Twitter addiction has served me well. I’ve become educated in my industry,  made connections with key journalists, other PR professionals, and was even approached about my current job due to my voracious Twitter habit. I’ve also won tickets to food & wine festivals, gift certificates, tickets to Wicked & Peter Pan and even my engagement photo session because of my Twitter habit.

I’ve routinely toyed with the idea of starting my blog, but I’ve just never been able to commit. Is anyone really that interested in my weekend excursions and my food & wine habit? Sure I can think of something witty to say in 140 characters.  But what about keeping it interesting for a couple hundred words? Here’s my attempt.


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