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Fall is my favorite season in California. While most visitors flock to the beaches in July and August or look forward to hitting the slopes in Tahoe during the winter, trips during autumn are often missed. I had the opportunity to attend a conference that toured Disneyland last week. The warm afternoon sun and light breeze made it seem like summertime, but one thing was missing–the crowd. I’ve never seen the park like this. Sure there were plenty of attendees, but it wasn’t difficult to walk across the park and the hour-long lines of summer and the holidays were noticeably absent. Decorations of pumpkins, leaves and harvest had that extra Disney touch.

The holiday season seems to get all the buzz when it comes to Disneyland. Sure the Christmas trees and fake snow are great, but the Halloween theme at the park is definitely my favorite. If you can sneak away for a fall getaway, I highly suggest visiting while the kids are in school and the crowds are away!

Some of my favorite shots of the day–enjoy!